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Variation Pro-Tools is now available!

Click here for more details.

  • Society: Underworld

    Society: Underworld

  • Society: Underworld

    Society: Underworld

  • Variation Pro-Tools

    Variation Pro-Tools

  • Variation Pro-Tools

    Variation Pro-Tools

    Assets from the example scene.


Go check out the store.

We have everything from Services to Game Assets and Editor Tools.

No games yet, sorry! We have some free ones in the Downloads though.

Freebie Friday

We have some new game assets for you guys, and they are free!

Come check in every Friday night for something to put in a game of your own.

Screenshot Sunday

Every Sunday we post a Screenshot or Render of what ever we are currently working on.

We don't post an announcement, so click here to view the latest, or you can go to the Images page on the navigation bar.


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Freebie Friday #4 : Confetti

This weeks freebie to add to the collection is the new and improved Confetti from the Ludum Dare 38 entry, Bound.
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Mid-Week Wednesday #4 : Bow Foe

Took a break from my daily routing and wrote a quick game.
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Freebie Friday #3

My second model in Substance Painter.

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Mid-Week Wednesday #3

More door stuff, and a little work on the website.
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Freebie Friday #2

Today I decided to give some blood.


Igor Aherne

Advanced Programming in Unity

Gamer to Game Developer

The best tutorial series for beginners to Unity for learning how to develop games.

The CG Tutorial

A great book, online and offline to learn how to write CG Shaders. CG the language, not Computer Graphics.

Brunt Force Trauma

A very well done comedy series made in Rust.


A 360° FOV Solution for quake, that works!

Neewer Microphone Stand

Probably the best microphone stand you can get for 20 bucks, Canadian! (Desk Clamp Stand)