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We need Beta-Testers for our upcoming Editor Tools!

Go view the article and fill out the form for your chance to get the tools for free!


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Website Still Under Construction, Some Links may be broken, and some pages may be half complete.

Welcome to Little Rain Games

Welcome to our products.

I apologize but at the moment we have no products for sale. We now offer custom Rust Skins to your choosing. If you have a Clan, or want your name on a Skin in Rust, we got you covered.

We have a lot on the go and some future releases coming near. If all you want is Games I'm afraid none will be released in the near future but if you make games, specifically with Unity, we do have some very Helpful tools very close to completion.

Also for the Game Devs, you might want to check out our Free Assets, though note that they are a little bit out dated.

Another thing you might want to check out is our Recommendations Pages, specifically the Assets and Tools page, all our best tools that we use and recommend have info and links there.