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Variation Pro-Tools is now available!

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Lets Try... A Little Something New

So at the end of the day, when I'm tried, and lying in bed, I usually end up grabbing my phone, opening the YouTube app, and start watching a lot of shit... Man YouTube is filled with shit isn't it?.. BUT!... In that massive pile of brown, stinky, pea-nutty matter, sometimes, and just sometimes, one of those peanuts is solid fucking gold. This kind of peanut, is worth much more then gold though, and no its not because its a video that has millions of views, because most of the time these peanuts I'm talking about have very few views, much less then they should. The reason it is worth more then gold, is because it has no weight, and they have the potential to be turned into the greatest master pieces of all times. They are called ideas, knowledge, information....

Now I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself, and I hate to get your hopes up, that you can just come here for a link to get all the information you need, that will make you succeed, just by watching a video, because it wont. Sadly.. But maybe and just maybe, these links just might be able to help you further your own master piece, that one that is brewing in your mind, and/or on your hard drive, and help it flourish into a beautiful solid work of art.

So I have decided to put up the 'Links' page. Its just a bunch of links that I have weeded out from of the rest. Its all the videos/articles, and what ever I found useful, and/or interesting. I will try and keep them to the toppest of notches. But everyone seems to have a different opinion which sucks (It really doesn't), and we all have varying degrees of experience, so what might be gold to you, could be shit to someone else, and vice versa.

I'm going to be straight with you, on the Assets and Tools page if you use an Asset Store Link, or the Photoshop Link, we do get commission. But I need to point out, all the Assets and programs that I post, I use myself, and recommend 110%. You have my word that you will never see anything on this website that I wouldn't back even if my life depended on it. Money is just not worth deceiving people to buy shit products in my opinion. If commission bothers you in any way, or if you feel mislead as if they are ads just to profit, I insist that you if really see an asset that would be very useful to you, to just not use my links.

Little Rain Games is in no way associated to any of the pages listed, unless specifically stated.

So I welcome you to the "Links and Recommendations" page.

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Vertex Painter Pro - A FREE Vertex/FlowMap Painter and PBR Shaders

Well this just blew me away, this morning while watching my daily dose of YouTube before I getup and get to work I stumbled across a video. I really didn't expect too much from it, just seemed like a regular asset store showcase/tutorial video, but then I read the first comment...

The first comment was from the creator, and it had a link to a GitHub page. Holy fuck, its fucking free! I had purchased Vertex Tools Pro a while ago and I know realize I should have waited because this seems on the same level as a $45 asset from the store. I actually haven't really used Vertex Tools Pro yet. I just haven't gotten to the point where I'm ready to polish my game and make it looks all pretty just quite yet, but after fiddling around with it for a minute, I can honestly say that this asset could be making this guy some hard earned cash.

After reading some more comments bellow, I then realized that this is the same guy who made Mega Splat, which then goes on to explain he just didn't want to go through the hassle of having to frequently update it on the store to keep it up to date. I haven't released anything on the store yet, so maybe I will understand soon. I actually had planned to make a Flow Map Painter since ones on the store are well over a hundred bucks, but I guess it wouldn't make sense now. Another thing is I couldn't sell an asset, especially on this site, when I know there is a free version that you guys could be using, it just wouldn't feel right to hold information from you, my girlfriend did that way too much, and its why I had to let her go recently. Sorry, maybe a little to personal...

Anyways, if you want to look at Mega Splat, its on Page 1, I will also leave a link to a stand alone flow map painter, which I think is made by same guy, not 100% sure though, and lastly I will leave a link to the GitHub page.

Addios my friends!


Mega Splat : Page 1

Other Standalone Flow Map Painter :

Mega Splat Affiliate Link :

ShaderLab Extension For Visual Studio

Real quick post here, as I'm pooped and about to hit the sack. I got tired of using things like Shader Forge and Amplify Shader so I decided to buy a book and see how well I do. I Just started reading it and experimenting in Unity tonight and I found it really annoying that there wasn't autocomplete for anything.

Quick google search later and I found this extension, installed it and didn't notice any difference. After reading some comments I found out you need to press "Ctrl + Space" after typing at least 3 letters and autocomplete will pop up. Its not as accurate as writing C# code, but man I don't think I would be able to learn ShaderLab without it.

It also only works on VS 2013, and 2015. Lucky me, because installing 2017 when Unity 5.6 was released totally failed so I kept using 2015, horray!

Before I forget to post the link, here it is. I almost did, I'm pretty darn tired. You can also click the picture as of now.

Saviour, For Our Shaders