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SECTR Complete- A Dynamic Occlusion Culling/World Streaming/Scene Streaming/Spatial Audio Occlusion System

If you are working on an Open World, then you probably know that Unity's Occlusion Culling System is just not designed for open worlds. So you have 3 choices really, you can write your own Occlusion system, you can really cut down on objects in your scene, or you can buy an asset. Its not just for Open worlds though, I will get into many of the features bellow.

Also worth mentioning, if you watch GDC, they were talking about many problems with world streaming, and that they found this asset which solved all their problems.

SECTR Core - Terrain Divider

So still on the subject of Open Worlds, lets say you are making a terrain that's absolutely massive, and you don't have map magic which separates your terrain into multiple pieces. SECTR can do that for you. And don't worry if you've spent hundreds of hours on your terrain, because it will divide it up, and keep all the work you've done! If this is all you need to do, they do offer a free version, but you won't get the Dynamic Occlusion Culling with that version.

- Quickly divide your world into Sectors.
- Create Portals with simple drawing tools.
- Powerful API with complete source code.
- Complete PlayMaker support.
- Fully supports static and dynamic objects.
- Includes animated door component.
- Optimized for mobile.

SECTR Audio - Audio Occlusion and Environmental Audio Propagation

You know when you are on the other side of a wall, but you can hear everything, just like you were on the inside? Or what about when your in a cave, but it sounds like you're still standing outside, no echoes, nothing to tell you that your in a tight narrow space. With SECTR Audio, you will be able to get this running in no time.

-Easy to use, powerful audio authoring GUI.
-Built in randomization, fading, and templates.
-Hierarchical and adaptive, HDR mixing.
-Simple and volumetric sound sources.
-Efficient, realtime audio occlusion.
-Dynamic environmental audio propagation.
-Nestable, stackable, 3D audio environments.
-Complete PlayMaker support.
-Optimized for maximum quality and performance.

SECTR Stream - Seamless Scene Streaming

SECTR also allows you to seamlessly stream into different scenes, so you don't have to wait in the loading screen.

-Streams anything you can place in the editor.
-Setup a scene for streaming in minutes.
-Lightmaps stream individually.
-Correctly handles nav meshes and light probes.
-Simple, powerful import/export GUI.
-Ideal for huge scenes and mobile devices.
-Complete PlayMaker support.

SECTR Vis - Dynamic Occlusion Culling

I saved the best for last, now you can easily implement Dynamic Occlusion Culling with any object that Unity can render, this is where you get a big boost in performance.

- Culls everything Unity can render.
- Powerful, easy to use LOD system.
- Fully dynamic, no static requirements.
- Threaded for peak multi-CPU performance.
- No tedious baking process.
- Initial setup of a scene takes just minutes.
- Simple and completely under your control.
- Supports occluders for large spaces.
- Hand optimized for mobile and console.