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ShaderLab Extension For Visual Studio (UPDATED WITH NEW PLUGIN)

Real quick post here, as I'm pooped and about to hit the sack. I got tired of using things like Shader Forge and Amplify Shader so I decided to buy a book and see how well I do. I Just started reading it and experimenting in Unity tonight and I found it really annoying that there wasn't autocomplete for anything.

Quick google search later and I found this extension, installed it and didn't notice any difference. After reading some comments I found out you need to press "Ctrl + Space" after typing at least 3 letters and autocomplete will pop up. Its not as accurate as writing C# code, but man I don't think I would be able to learn ShaderLab without it.

It also only works on VS 2013, and 2015. Lucky me, because installing 2017 when Unity 5.6 was released totally failed so I kept using 2015, horray!

The new links have a version for VS 2015 and 2017, enjoy.

Before I forget to post the link, here it is. I almost did, I'm pretty darn tired. You can also click the picture as of now.

If you have downloaded this before August 22, 2017, I found a new plugin that is MUCH MUCH Better. Links are updated, I would make the switch

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