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Here you can find every video, article, tutorial, and everything else educationally related to Game Development, that we Highly Recommend. Enjoy!

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Unity and Multi-Threading

So there is this guy on YouTube who calls himself by the name Quill18. He mostly makes tutorials on scripting in Unity, but he just released one recently that really caught my eye on multi-threading in Unity. He goes over the reasons why multi-threading can be dangerous, and explains when you should be good to use them.

You can watch it here, or click on Quills image above.

Some Interesting GDC Talks

So here's a couple GDC talks that I really liked. One shows really beautiful 8-Bit graphics, done by "Mark Ferrari." He also shows some of his newer art, that is 8 bit style, and absolutely incredible, and even explains some of his techniques. Normally I'm not a big fan of 8-bit, its not that I don't like it, its literally that I'm just not a big fan of it. But man, this is something you got to check out.

The second video is one they posted yesterday, and this guy goes into the world of Emulation.


Here's a really good channel if you want to learn about Shaders. He's done a few case-studies on some AAA titles and shows you how to achieve the visual effects inside of Unity. His last one was on Dishonoured 2, and he recreated an object that allows you to see 2 scenes at once, that are in a different time period. I believe it was called the Time-Piece. I haven't played the game but I thought it was really cool. He does a really does a fantastic job in both the video and visual quality in Unity, he hasn't been making a lot of videos lately due to getting a job at a game company, but every video he pumps out is worth a watch.