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Variation Pro-Tools is now available!

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We also make posts like this in "Our Recommendations" page. We bring you the videos that we find informative, educational, and entertaining to you, so you can spend less time filtering through the garbage of the net. Most of it is game development related, like the "Assets and Tools" page, but for the non-dev's, if you are bored go check out the "Entertainment" page.

Latest Announcement

Release of Variation Pro-Tools!

There is still a long way to go.

Quick Update for A Little Variation

Just got a quick update about ALV, mostly just talking about the example scene.

Previous Announcements

We need your help, now!

The release of the"Variation Pro-Tools" asset pack is coming close to release with a lot to do. I still need to finish the example scene, and make a promo video plus some tutorials. I need your help finding the bugs so I can release this on time.

Click the pic, or go to page 1 to read more.

Come meet the family! Cause I think its about time.

You might want to make some popcorn, because we have a lot of info on our upcoming tools and I mean a lot! That even includes the release date!

Reading this post could also help you win our upcoming contest!

Click the picture to read this article, or you can go to page 1 of the News.

Lets make some Motion!

In this tutorial made for beginners and intermediate motion capturists (Yes I made that word up), I use the program iPi Mocap Studio and Recorder to make and refine some animations. You will learn literally everything you need to know about using this program with a Kinect, and I also compare using PlayStation Eye versus the Kinect.

Also talk about my Ludum Dare Entry, with links to play.

I'm entering the Compo!

I announce that I am entering Ludum Dare compo for the first time. Not only that but its my very first Game Jam as well.