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We need Beta-Testers for our upcoming Editor Tools!

Go view the article and fill out the form for your chance to get the tools for free!


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Website Still Under Construction, Some Links may be broken, and some pages may be half complete.

Little More Progress Everyday

Posted By: Addison Olthuis

Everyday, a little more progress is made, and for the little amount of people who come to visit. A little present in the form of a picture, left just for you, to come and view.

A little Mountain...

A little Gun...

A little fire...

A little Moon...

And a little too many camera effects... ?

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Forums Up

Posted By: Addison Olthuis

The forums are up as of today, we are a brand new site, brand new company, with brand new forums. So don't expect much traffic for the mean time.Progress is progress.Click Here to go to forums.

First In-game Screenshots are Out

Posted by: Addison Olthuis

For everyone who's here early, we appreciate you're interest. Cause its a long road ahead, and for some, there is no turning back, but that's probably ain't so bad. We are well away from releasing, and I think things are looking good so far, but you can be the judge of that. I do have to admit though, this would not be possible with out Unity. To Check out more images, head over to the Images page.