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Halo Custom Edition Maps

In a mind frame, far far away... There used to be video games, that people were passionate about, that created memories that will last a life time with epic nostalgia. They really hit it close to the heart, the people who created these games put their blood sweat and tears into them. Worked so hard to make them differ from everyone else, they had amazing voice acting, stories that made your jaw drop with awe. But the thing is, they made things amazing with out all the flashy gimmicks, they enhanced their games with a mature and interesting story line. Now a days, people play games only until the newest one comes out in a year, only to be tossed aside and probably never to be played again... Its a never ending cycle, where games are literally rushed into existence only to make ones pockets grow. Everything is so similar to each other, game titles are really at a loss of originality. They lost their special touch... Those games that were so special back then, still hold up today, where they failed graphically, they made up with gameplay and story. When a game so great is in peoples midst, they milk that shit till its dry, atleast they try too... One of those games, was Halo Combat Evolved. AND Still to this day, more then a decade after, there is a community who is still making maps for Halo Custom Edition. I used to be one of those people. So here is just some of my old creations as a young teenager, I never got to finish them, but they were released anyways.

If you would like to see more maps made by other people, you can visit

About Project overdose and DMT

Back when I first learned how to make 3d models, maps, and content for Halo Custom Edition, probably just turned 13 years old. There was a team called CMT (Custom Mapping Team), who produced a lot of really cool maps for Halo. They often made Halo 2 and 3 like weapons, and vehicles, and always had the community spotlight. I watched a lot of teams make release a lot of cool content, and decided I wanted to do a big project myself. And that was Project Overdose, and tried to get a team together to help me finish what I started. I was still learning 3ds max, and stuff at the time, which is a surprise that all of those maps and content were 99% made by me, on the exception of No Regret, which that BSP was made by someone else in the community. EP Killa, Wanksta and Mookz did help a lot with the animations, but that's as far as my team got to help with the project. Also would like to mention some other team members like KinKilla and TheDoomFreak, while they didn't work on Overdose they were making content with me the for the whole journey. All the models, and textures I released were the first batch of content I've ever created. Pretty good for a 13 year old eh? Once I got better I looked back on the project, wasn't really happy with it, and wanted to remake and fix all my flaws. It was just too much to handle at the time, especially when everything you produce for Halo automatically becomes Gearbox's property. So everything got released in a really early alpha, and I called it quits.

Anyways, the original plan for Project Overdose was to make a completely new campaign, and multiplayer set. As well as a main menu, which supported my single player maps. The story was about a militia importing cocaine, which the US armed forces has to stop. It was supposed to be different, everyone was making Halo like maps, and I wanted to take the modern approach to things. It was fun while it lasted, and I'm thankful that Gearbox and Bungie gave people the opportunity to make their own content. That's also when I started to learn 3d and texturing, in the later years I learned how to code, but didn't really step it up until not too long ago.

DMT, stands for Datura Mapping Team. CMT, Custom Mapping Team. C vs D, which D is naturally the lesser of the 2, and definitely resembles the quality of the content at the time. Datura, it's a deadly plant from south America, and that is the gameplay side of things. Seemingly innocent, and miniscule, but really packs quite a punch.

I originally was never going to post this here, but searching Halo 3 on google images, I found a Reddit post explaining how mods, can make a game even more amazing, and the picture they decided to use for their argument, was the one and only Goldeneye: Stack Beta.

Every map file contains credits.

Head over to the videos page to view the old trailer.

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