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Voxeland - A Voxel Based Terrain Tool

This is Voxeland, a voxel based terrain creation tool. Similar to Minecraft, except much more realistic. Super easy to make cliffs with overhangs, and even caves. Uses tri-planar mapping so you don't get stretching on vertical surfaces. Also has an infinite terrain generation feature, so no matter how far you go, you will always have terrain.

Here is a couple images from 10 minutes on the web demo. I do have to admit, I do not own the asset myself, yet... This is the only asset I've posted that I don't own. I just found out about it recently, and have wanted it ever since. I do how ever, own another asset designed from the same guy Denis. That tool is map magic, and what I can confirm is the quality of assets he produces. If you aren't making terrains with 3ds max or blender, or if you are using both meshes and terrains like my, I really cant imagine working on Scenes without these tools.

Unity Web Demo 32-bit Browser Required - The demo really does not show off the full functionality, only allows you to play around with a few things.

Map Magic - A Node based Terrain Generator

This is Map Magic, its a Node based Terrain Generator that enhances the Unity Terrain.

You can easily make maps 100 square km or larger, either from scratch or using a height map of your choice. Instead of making 1 terrain that is huge, you set your single terrain size (The recommended is Unity's Default size), and then with the click of a button you can create more terrains side by side, that automatically stiches them together, so you never get a seam. There is nodes to create terraces, cause erosion and many more.

I've used a few terrain systems on the store, and this one definitly holds the crown. When I saw a lot of other assets stating they are compatible with Map Magic, instead of other terrain tools, I knew picked a good one.

It is made by the same guy who made Voxeland, a talented coder and artist, you can pretty much count that anything from him is of high quality.Compatible with RTP and Mega Splat

Unity Web Demo 32-bit Browser Required - The demo really does not show off the functionality, only shows off the terrain it generated.

Mega Splat - A Wizardry based Texture System

So as Game Developers, we all know the trouble of texture limits, especially on Shaders. Where the best hardware can only take 16 textures per shader, unless you mix it with another pass, which means more draw calls, and less performance.

I really don't know how these guys did it, but they managed to allow you to use 100's of textures on a Unity Terrain, or mesh. If that's not impressive, it does it in one draw call. Yes you aren't dreaming, literally one draw call. Now how they did it I'm not sure, I probably should, because I own it and can open the scripts, but I still wouldn't even know where to start on my own.

Other then the 100's of textures, they have shaders for Parallax mapping, Snow, Water, height blending, There is so many things you can do I don't know where to start. So I'll just post some images.

Compatible with Map Magic