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Relief Terrain Pack (v3.3)

Everyone should know that Unity's terrain is an outdated piece of junk. So to combat that, a lot of people use RTP. To be honest, RTP was one of the first assets I've bought.

Now you can have Parallax Occlusion mapping, tessellation, PBR textures and more.

here is shaders in this package that allow you to blend your assets where they meet the terrain, You can make moss beautifully crawl up the edge of a rock, or dirt, well dirty things.

If you want snow, easy, the snow shader makes it simple for you to add snow, with glitter too. You can potentially have a Seasonal system with just a few lines of code. All you have to do is change a value.

There's so many features its hard to list all of them, there is a Wet/Water system, to make water flow around rocks on the ground, there is Micro detail, and more.

Now is been a long day of work, and I don't want my tiredness to get in the way of this beast of an asset, so I present you some pictures, plus a video.

Also, I tried looking, but I can't for the life of me remember what the game is called, its fairly new, where you are a young Demon, in Medieval times. They did a talk either at GDC or Unity, and mentioned this asset. There words were they could pay someone one hundred thousand dollars to make a POM Shader, but they decided to go with this.

Compatible with Map Magic

In this image there is a hole cut from the splat maps alpha channel (Collision too my friends!), with a cave mesh's textures seamlessly blending back into the terrain.

In this image you can see the beautiful POM mapping, with I believe his added detail feature as well.

This image shows off the snow system, with a lil' glitter.

UBER Shaders

Now here is some truly uber shaders. Pretty much everything you will ever need shader wise is here.

Everything from translucency, to refraction, all the way to Parallax Occlusion, tessellation/extrusion and distance mapping. Then you have Snow with glitter, and flowing water, which is all UBER fast. There is even some car paint shaders tucked into this. It has tri-planar option for everything above and bellow, two-sided, and I almost forgot about vertex and height blending, and last but not least animated emission. If you don't have RTP, the shaders in that package used to blend your object with the terrain is also included.

It works with Substances, which I use for literally everything, even for non-tiling. Which really stops me from using most shaders.

The Parallax and Extrusion mapping both have options to be self shadowed, and write to the depth buffer, so if you have an object that intersects the mesh, it won't just be a straight line on a bumpy surface.

There is a bunch, and I mean a bunch of shaders here, but the best thing is, most of them all have a lot of the same features in them. If you want POM on one object, and refraction on another, don't worry cause they both have options for snow, water, translucency and more. Just take a look at some of these photos, the proof is in the pudding.

Some Beautiful Translucency.

This is what I meant about POM and extrusion been written to the depth buffer. The image after this as well.

You can't see it, but the lights are animated.

Amplify Shader - A Node based Shader Tool

If you want to create your own shaders, but don't know how to code. This is probably your best bet, Unity teamed up with the Amplify team so when you purchase Unity Pro, you also get Amplify Shader along with it.

It has some features I didn't think were possible, like refracted shadows. Even transparent shadows in Unity have to be dithered, but these guys worked their magic. Another really cool one is using parallax mapping to fake the inside of a building, its hard to see in a picture, so I'm sorry for not posting one.

I have Shader Forge as well, and when this is almost half the price, its pretty obvious which one to get, especially when this one supports POM mapping, where Shader Forge only has PM.

I see updates weekly for this asset, and new stuff just keeps coming. I wish I had the time to learn to code shaders, so until that day this is what I'm using. One thing I like more about Shader Forge though is the UI, this has a dark UI, where Shader Forge is a nice grey one, it just makes it easier for me to tell what's going on.

They also offer a variety of different assets, mostly stuff to make your game pretty. Go To page 4 to see more from Amplify Creations.

Here's a screenshot I took of the UI, with their POM example shader.