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Sky Master - A Dynamic Sky System

Sky master was one of the first assets of many that I had bought, and is definitely up there with the best.

it really goes above and beyond a day and night system. It offers weather like Rain and snow, it has storms that make the ocean go nuts. It has beautiful Sunsets, and a nice starry night sky.

The Ultimate version is a little pricey, but definitely worth it considering your players will be looking at the sky almost all the time. What I'm trying to say is, if there is something to cheap out on, its not the sky. Although I admit, if your game isn't an open world, this may not be for you, unless you want to give the players options for weather and time of day.

I would also like to point out Nasos provided amazing support when I contacted him, best support I've ever had to be honest. If you see this, thank you Nasos, I owe you one, or five. I will be in contact soon!

Tenkoku - A Dynamic Sky System

Tenkoku is another sky system. A little bit cheaper then Sky Master, but still a good sky.

It has pretty much everything that Sky Master has, the one noticeable thing is the style. Sky master is very colorful, kind of artistic but realistic at the same time, where Tenkoku goes for straight realism. Neither is better then the other, its all personal preference, or what suits your game really.

One thing that Sky Master has over Tenkoku is the clouds, I read somewhere that Tenkoku had to remove the old cloud system because it was to heavy on performance, where performance was not an issue with Sky Master. So I could be wrong, but the images bellow might not be the current cloud system.

Tenkoku also has exact positions of Stars, and Planets, which actually move around the sky depending on the date.

if I had to pick between the two, I probably couldn't, it all depends on what suits your games art better.

Nvidia Flex - Realistic Fluid/Cloth/Smoke Simulation

Someone wrote a C++ wrapper to get Nvidia's Flex into Unity.

At the moment, the only real use for games is probably the Cloth, you could probably stick some smoke in as well, as long as its only one or two objects. The water is just way to performance heavy to use for any practical thing like a lake or a river, you might be able to stick some in a kiddy pool at the back of a house or something, but that is probably even pushing it. It only really works well when your only doing the simulation, not your Game Logic + the simulation. But as long as your game is Physics heavy, you probably could, Physics is actually run on a separate thread, but if you want this in your game, its probably already got lots of physics.

This is basically just highly advanced toy right now, a really fun awesome toy, but if you can't use it in your games then why buy this, and not just play with the demo? Well, you can use it on your own assets to play with, test it on some new geometry. To be honest I haven't bothered to sacrifice my cash yet, definitely will someday though.

Nvidia Flex 0.25 Demo

Nvidia Flex 0.8 Demo (Nvidia CUDA 3.0 GPU) and Compatible with VR

Nvidia Developer Kits - You will need to Implement into Unity, this is what the asset does for you.

DirectX 11 Grass vs Volume Grass

Unity grass SUCKS! Luckily there is talented people who make assets for the store. Right now we will look at 2 different assets, I only have the one on the left. Have been eyeing Volume Grass for a while now, mainly because getting DirectX 11 grass is done in a way you probably wouldn't want to, actually yeah, its a bad way of doing it. I will explain bellow. Oh and Volume Grass is also DirectX 11 as well.

Warning, I do not own Volume Grass, and I cannot confirm if DirectX 11 Grass is usable performance wise, Unity's grass looks horrible, so I can't leave you guys in the dust when it comes to that. These both do look very good though, and I know if you only need small patches of grass, DirectX 11 Grass is definitely viable. I have bought some other grass assets, which I am sad to say I have not been able to try out yet, but I'll show you them, because we all know having the plain Unity Grass is just not acceptable.

Buy at your own Risk - Links are Bellow

DirectX 11 Grass

So about it being wrong, you need to duplicate your mesh or terrain, just to get it working. You can disable the seconds collision, and its not like you see the geometry, but for our big maps, it was to hard on performance. I contacted the dev, and here is what he said.

I've read on the Forums that there might be a bug in Unity Terrain where having two terrains with the same source terrain can cause high performance costs. Can you try duplicating the original terrain (in the Project/Assets window) and using that for the grass in the scene?

It sounds a little backwards to me, I actually never went and tried it, due to working on other stuff, but when I do I'll come edit this post. Another thing is at the time, I hadn't implemented Occlusion Culling, and it was with 10 terrains, I did try turning off 9 terrains, and there was some performance gains, but I did not really get to try it out properly.

So I am going to say this, Buy at your own risk, I have not had the time to fully make sure it is usable for production, although I can confirm, it is a sexy beast.

You can also use your own grass textures, and models, so you aren't stuck with the cell shaded look.

Volume Grass

If you missed above, I have not tried this asset yet, but its in my Wish List. Its made by the same guy who made RTP (Relief Terrain Pack), and it is also DirectX 11, the other one's name is literally "DirectX 11 Grass," just in case there is confusion.

Since I don't have anything to say, other then I played this Web Demo, which obviously you have to take with a grain of salt. I'm going to post some info from the Asset Store.

This is complete system for building volumetric grass that can be used on Unity4 Free (DX11 needs Pro license) and Unity5

Consists of grass mesh editor and a special shader that gives an illusion of grass being rendered "inside" the mesh volume.

Grass look is highly configurable, handles directional and spherical wind zones & proper intersections with other objects. You can make your own textures easily using built-in editor. For full feature guide refer to forum thread.

Package requires GPU with SM3.0. Mobile versions are on the roadmap (while shader works quite fast on current desktops). Unity4.5+ is highly recommended for shorter install time.

Direct X 11 Grass

Volume Grass

Buy at your own Risk!

Here is one I own, but haven't tried. Its basically just a grass shader that allows transparency.

Not a Shader, its a Tool

This asset is one from the same Creator as Sky Master.

But a tool that allows you to place grass as densely as you'd like, and increases performance by using GPU instancing and static batching.

It has much more, like brushes for Rocks and Trees, its multi-threaded, and more. Definitely will be an asset I get, for the mean time I'll stick it with these guys.

Not a Shader, its a texture Pack

I have it, but have not tried it yet.

Not a Shader, its a Texture Pack

I also have this, just haven't tried it yet.