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Amplify Color - A AAA HDR Tone map/Color Grader Post Process Effect

Long title I know, may only be a couple things but its very important if you want to visually please your players. In the image above, that is from an early Photo of Society, our game in the works. We are using Amplify Color, with their LUT Color Pack, along with Amplify Bloom. If Amplify made it, we usually have it. You can always count on their Assets being AAA quality.

This is another asset that we recommend, that is also used in the game Fire Watch.

Amplify Color is the lightest, most flexible, Unity Extension for Industry Level Color Grading. Easy to use and to integrate into your project, no coding required and works well for both 3D and 2D games.
• Industry level color grading
• High-performance and Mobile-ready
• Semi-automated Photoshop Workflow
• File-based mode for other Image Editors
• Dynamic blending between profiles
• Texture-based per-pixel masking
• All Color Alterations Supported
• Oculus/VR friendly
• Color Volumes
• Third-party Effects Volume Blending
• Base and Volume LUT mixing
• Complete source-code
• NEW! 2D Color Volumes
• NEW! Depth-based Masking
• NEW! HDR Tone Mapping
• NEW! HDR Dithering
• NEW! Broader mobile device support
• NEW! Improved tools

Define and blend Lut's (color profiles) between different areas, smooth and 100% Artist Friendly. Volumes may be scaled, moved, rotated and even animated. A flexible tool that will allow you to create stunning environments in no time. The plugin can connect directly to Photoshop, or can also be used manually with similar tools like After Effects, Nuke and others. Use the software already in your pipeline to push color transformations directly into your Unity Project Scenes. Using your favorite editor you may alter the contrast, color curves, exposure, saturation, hue and more, or a combination of all transforms at once. Not only will you be able to switch or blend between color profiles, you can even use a static Texture or a dynamic Render Texture as a mask to exclude certain areas.

If you want to try it before you buy it, you can do that here.

Amplify Color Required

Amplify Bloom - A AAA Post Process Bloom Effect.

Here is yet another asset from Amplify Creations, they are just that good. Honestly guys, I would not post any assets that I do not think are of the Highest Quality. We use all the assets in our own games, and unfortunately we haven't been able to release any to you yet. The picture above is another early screen shot of Society, just without Amplify Color.

I'm sure everyone knows what bloom is, but if you don't, its basically what makes light, bright.

As said on the Asset Store...

Amplify Bloom brings Industry Level Post-Process Bloom to your projects in a comprehensive all-in-one package with high-quality features that can be toggled and tweaked to fulfill your project needs. AAA quality and flexibility at an indie affordable cost with the premium support and professional development you can always expect from Amplify Creations.

Also if you want to try it out first, here ya go.

• High-quality, performance & flexibility
• Single Pass Stereo support
• Tweak & use only the required features
• Dedicated thresholds & Weight controls
• Debug view for all features
• For 3D & 2D applications
• Suitable for Artificial and Natural Bloom FX
• Full Source Code
• Low & High Precision
• Based on a AAA reduced flicker technique
• Temporal Filtering, less flicker/fireflies
• Upscale and Downscale controls
• Mip contribution/weight & Blur control
• Separate Thresholds for Bloom & Extras
Lens Flare
• Realistic procedural pseudo-flares
• Adjustable Blur value
• Ghosts and Halos
• Gradient Tint
• Feature Dispersal
• Chromatic Distortion
Bokeh Filtering
• Simulate different camera aperture shapes
• Apply to source or combined result
• Sample Radius & Aperture
• Focal Length & Distance
• CoC Diameter and Rotation value
Lens Dirt & Starburst
• Visibility based on combined result
• Flexible Mip Weight/Influence control
• Texture based effect
• Supports dynamic render textures
• Intensity Control
Lens Glare
• High-quality Anamorphic Glare
• 9 Standard Streak Types included
• Custom Parametric Streak Types
• Custom Streak Scale
• Custom Per-Pass Displacement
• Custom Per-Ray Max Passes
• Overall Color & Gradient Tint

Amplify Occlusion - A Dynamic Ambient Occlusion System

One thing that really separates real time, from CG, is the lighting. Its extremely performance heavy to do lighting calculations bouncing off of edges. So in our textures we have Occlusion Culling, can also be used in CG, but they don't need to worry about it as much. This is kind of like that, but instead of being texture specific, it dynamically calculates Occlusion all through out the scene. No baking required, just plop it on your camera and your good to go.

Amplify Occlusion sets out to offer a highly robust and efficient way to simulate ambient occlusion and contact shadowing by combining leading techniques in a all-in-one package, fast-performing and future proof. Now you can attenuate reflections in occluded areas, make objects actually connect to the world and add real depth to your scenes with minimal effort.
• Robust high-quality SSAO solution
• Accurate and fast-performing
• Deferred and Forward Rendering
• PBR compatible injection mode
• Superior occlusion approximation
• Extensive blur and intensity controls
It's a lightweight solution for both consoles and desktops, higher-quality and more accurate than standard SSAO. When compared to other solutions, it offers superior performance scaling with stable frame rates. Our implementation is highly optimized to deliver stable frame rates even on a very high resolution combined with a large sampling radius.
Typical post-process occlusion techniques darken direct light the same way they darken everything else visible to the camera, which results in strong unnatural occlusion even on brightly lit surfaces. Our implementation provides an optional Deferred-pathapplication mode that injects SSAO before the direct lighting stage in order to deliver natural, PBR-accurate results.
This solution also offers massive quality improvements to occlusion on distant surfaces, even when using a large kernel radius, due to superior and artifact-free occlusion approximation when compared to any currently available SSAO solution. It's great for both small and large scale scenes and any type of camera perspective.

This one offers a Web Demo.