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Here you can find Assets, Tools, and Software that we recommend for Game Devs.

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Morph 3d - A 3d Character System

One area in the skills department I am particularly lacking, is Character modeling, I bought zBrush, but have just not had the time to Hunker down and figure it out. Not to mention, for characters you should know all the Anatomy of a human, or else the position and scale has high potential to be far off, and your Character just wont look right. Some day I will upgrade my skills, but until then I've been using the Morph 3d characters, just the free version for now. Until I need more then one character, I'll put some more money down on more.

With their system its really easy to make a character look completely different, you could even have your player choose what they want to look like, in the editor its literally just a slider to make your character go from human, to goblin, or small boobies, to big huge boobies.

Also they have 5 LOD's, which I think have a system to go along with it, don't hold me to that though.

There is a huge selection of clothing, characters, and just recently, they dropped the price from like $60 each, to five or 6 bucks per.

Take a look, try it out, lite version is free and you have nothing to lose! But if I'm not mistaken, lite version is not approved for commercial use. When it only costs five measly dollars to upgrade, you still don't have much to lose. I'll try not to post girls!

I only have the free versions.

MoCap Online - High Quality Motion Capture Animations

If you are buying characters, you probably need animations. We make all our FP animations, but there is just so many third person to handle, and without Motion Capture, I would really be at a loss. I did end up buying a Kinect for making my own, but its very limited unless you have a second one. So before I bought a Kinect, I spent hundreds of hard earned cash on these animations, it wasn't actually hard earned, but it will be! It will be because now I have lots of debt to pay off, and its going to be hard making that!

These animations are really well done, they work well with other characters using the Humanoid system in Unity, and they blend between each other nicely. They have many different packages, from walking, to running with rifles, all the way to Ninjas doing flips and jumping up obstacles. Then they have talking on cellphones, sitting at desks, talking, really a whole lot. Now if your making a full game like GTA, it might not get you all the way there, but it sure can get you most of the way!

Other then different packages, they have different tiers, the basic starting at $5, which includes the most basic, then you have the middle variant, and the pro package. The pro packages range from a hundred, to a hundred and fifty bucks, and that's what you would want to use for your AI, it involves all the blending from pose to pose, every angle you can think of.

Basic tier is basically just to try them out, but you could get away with using them for a Game Jam, or something little.

I don't know why I'm talking about the mid tier last, but its perfect for Online multiplayer, or a third person game, it has walking and running at every angle. The reason you would not use the Pro Package for a player is because movement. You don't feel an AI, if you had to wait for your character to finish its blend, the controls would feel terrible, you want everything to react on the fly, you could exclude movement from the blends, but then you might have your guy standing up, while he's moving forward, just a big no no. Right, that's why I explained the Pro package first, to explain that.

I can definitely vouch that these animations could be in a AAA title, I'm sure Rust can vouch too, one thing I noticed is that the jump animations are the same as Rust, all the others probably are too, not including weapon poses, but they're too generic to stand out. But if you are making specialized character actions, you probably will have to make them yourself, unless its typing at a desk, which these guys have, there's more too. That's why we have the Kinect.

If you look at the rating, its kind of sad, because they are only voting on the starter package, which is of course lacking. I own many of the pro versions, and they are professionally made. I actually bought them from their website, which is where you can find the ones for talking, sitting at a desk typing, and the more specialized ones. The big downside is that you have to email them to upgrade, where the asset store handles that for you, and of course I don't make commission. :P

Before you buy these, check out the next program that we look at below.

iPi Mocap Studio (Eye Pie) - Motion Capture Animation Software

Here is a program I just started to use, it uses the Xbox Kinect or PlayStation Eye to record your movement. It supports up to 4 Kinect sensors, or up to 16 PlayStation eyes with its Pro package.

I made a tutorial if you would like to see how it works, by the end of next month I hope to get a second Kinect and make another tutorial on that.

You can try their 30 day free trial at I would watch the tutorial first to see if it is right for you, it is recommended to use at least 2 Kinects, so you might want to wait until you can use 2 Kinects to get the trial, borrow one from a friend if possible.

Also need to point out you need a computer for each Kinect, the way Microsoft programmed the Kinect made it either impossible or extremely difficult to use more then 1 on the same computer, this is the only software I've seen yet that supports 2, I have heard others like Brekel and Cinema Mocap Studio on the asset store have plans to make it support 2, but I have been unable to find out if they do.

My Tutorial Can Be Found Here.

Even if you get a Kinect to make animations, you might still want to get the Mocap Online animations, there is hundreds that could be more cost effective to purchase, totally up to you, just telling you the route I went.