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Here you can find every thing that we find entertaining, that has had a lot of hard work put into it.

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Some Cool Old Men

Churches Fried Chicken Man

These short videos aren't funny, and they aren't exciting, what they are is peaceful, touching, and mildly inspiring.

This is about one of the guys who founded churches fried chicken. With the money he made off of his business, he took a piece of land that was a dump, and brought life back into the land.

He just seems like a really cool guy.

California Redwood Man

This next one is about a guy who loves redwood trees. I don't have much to say, except that I share their love for our forests.

Brunt Force Trauma

Here is a couple guys who take Machinima to the next level. They have made a few series of shows in the game Rust, and have done an absolutely phenomenal job. You can watch their series "Extremely Flawed Detective" in one feature length film as of a few days ago. Their comedy is very similar to South Park, excluding controversial topics. But the visual effects are what really takes the cake, every episode is fully edited with added scenery that makes Rust almost unrecognizable. Its really sad how under viewed they are, you see complete jokes on YouTube with millions of views and subscribers, and then these guys who put their heart and soul into their videos, have a meager amount of followers.

Chem em' out! You'll be happy you did.