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Probably the best Mic Stand you can buy for $20 (Canadian)

So for the longest time I've actually been using a camera tripod, which I had to jimmy rig by drilling through my pop filters mount, and bolt it to where the camera would normally go. I finally decided to buy a mic stand, since I just bought my second Kinect, along with a second tripod and didn't want to have to keep swapping back and forth.

So I quickly browsed amazon, read a few reviews, and noticed it was fairly normal to read that the cheapies won't be able to hold the weight of he mic and when your recording it will slowly fall, and you will have to reposition it back in place. Well I really didn't want to spend more then $20, and remember this is Canadian dollars, so its actually $15 US, so I took the chance and ordered this one. The reason I chose this one, is because my Microphones mount, looked identical to this one, where in the other ones I looked at, I couldn't really tell. There was other ones with Pop filters for the same price, but I already had one, and they had the warnings I stated about falling.

So now that I have it, I can say I am very happy with my decision, it has no problem with falling down, and when I added a second mic, all I had to do is tighten a nut and it was as stable as one mic. It is very easy to clamp/unclamp and move to a new place on your desk, and it could clamp to a desk that's over 2 inches thick.

The link I am providing is from the exact same link I purchased mine, so you don't have to worry about getting a different product.

I actually haven't tried other mic stands, I just read reviews from others, and all I can really say is that this has none of the problems the others have, and it has a sturdy construction.

It moves and rotates nice and smoothly, with a good range and extension as you can see in the pictures below, from my setup right next to me now.

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Blinky - A FOV Peripheral Vision Enhancer (For Quake)

This my friends is Blinky, it allows you to use a FOV of 360º without any visual distortion. It has many different types of modes to use that give it a bit different of an image, so you can find one that suits you best.

What it does is takes the camera, and builds a box which it projects each angle onto to stop distortion. Every time you change the mode, it has to build the image, but it doesn't take too long.

I actually haven't got to try it out yet, but just from watching the video I knew this was something great. They have it on GitHub, so here's a link. All the pictures I'm posting are from the GitHub page.

Multi-Platform Quake :

Blinky :