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Variation Pro-Tools is now available!

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Posted By: Addison Olthuis

Trying a Little Something New

For those of you who like to make games. We created a new page, called the "Links and Recommendations" page.

Every time I watch, or read something that's either interesting, or helpful, it will be will over there. Most of you probably already watch GDC talks, but if you want to know my favourites, or don't have time to weed out the good ones, I got your back. Right now there is 2 tutorial channels that are definitely work checking out, one is "Makin' Stuff Look Good In Video Games," and the other one is Quill18Creates, who just posted a tutorial on multi-threading in Unity. So check it out if your into that kind of stuff.

The Road Map for Tutorials

As for me, I released a couple tutorials, one on creating a tile substance in Substance Designer, and another one on budget Motion Capture. In the near future I plan on making an extensive Substance Painter tutorial, which will extend into substance designer to show you how to customize the textures you made in Unity, or Unreal, or any engine that supports substances really. Also on my to-do list, is a tutorial on Unity Editor scripting, it will probably teach you how to make a "Custom Spawner," where you create "Parts" for your GameObject, and then in the inspector, you can choose between which GameObject, which part, and finally which Part Variation you want on your object you spawn with. Now this doesn't just have to change visual aspects of the object, lets say its a door, one knob has a lock on it, and the other is just a knob. Just by changing the knob, it will let your game know that it is either locked and unlocked. That's just an example, it gets a little more advanced then that, but even if an Object Spawner isn't your first choice for an Editor Tool, these techniques can be used in a variety of tools, and you need to start somewhere.

What I've Been Doing, and What's Almost Here

And then last but not least, I'm in the middle of getting an asset pack ready for the store, its going to be a full Scene, with inter-changeable pieces (Well, the inter-changeable is on my list), full with all types of indoor and outdoor assets to populate said scene, the assets will all have scripts to make the assets intractable and properly function in-game. Plus there is going to be some editor tools to make the work flow much smoother along with all that. But if you just want the Editor Tools, they will be released separatly on the store as well. I will post some screen shots soon.

Multi-Material Shader Final-y Released

I uploaded my final version of the Multi-Material, will not be making any changes to it from now. Specular is gone also. There is now also a DX9 fallback, so its usable on DX9 machines as well, just no tessellation. You can now tessellate/Extrude per "Material," instead of being forced to apply it to all 4 of them. I need to note though, for Metallic, it uses the Red channel, Occlusion uses the GREEN channel, Specular Color uses the BLUE channel, and Smoothness uses the ALPHA channel. I'm not talking about the splat channel, in the MetallicSmoothness textures, that's how you have to set things up. Even though it is a metallic texture I gave you the option to change the ambient Specular Color. And for world space occlusion, its the alpha channel of the splat map.

If anyone is wondering about the PBR Material pack I had planned, its now going to be apart of the new Pack, although I will probably release a smaller one for free.

The Lifer Contest

I guess this is actually last, oops! If anyone is interested in winning some stuff, Little Rain Games is going to have a contest. Its really easy trust me. All you have to do is guess the name, or city of the screenshots I'm going to post. Who ever guesses first will get all of Little Rain Games assets, and games for free, for the rest of your life. So everything we release in the future is yours to play, or commercially use in your games! How fun! I will give you a hint, the asset pack is actually recreated from this place, and its a prison! If no one can guess, then I guess I'll have to think of a way to select the winner. And then I will be in a prison owing you my content for life!


Posted by: Addison Olthuis

I am a bit sad to say this but we had to put Society into lockup for a little while. But that doesn't mean we have stopped working all together. We have another secret project on the go, that will hopefully be released in the next year. It is a much smaller project, but we are trying something hopefully completely new to the industry, as far as game play goes. If you are wondering why we are putting Society on hold, its because lack of funding. We need to pay our bills, and getting paid a few years down the road just will not do. Lack of funds is actually the smaller issue, the real reason is that we want to push that game to the limits, and if we are rushed to do it, a lot of really cool things are going to get cut. I couldn't let that happen, so it's just being pushed to the side for a little while. If you want to know about what we have in store for the future, you can get a hint from this announcements picture. I'm going to keep it short today, and I know I haven't been active a whole lot recently, I've been working really hard and my wrists are burning like they've never burnt before. Remember to stretch my friends! Anyways, on another note I just made a tutorial yesterday, the video is rendering as we speak. It teaches you how to make a fully procedural material in Substance Designer, its a tutorial for people just getting into SD, but if you want a free material I included the material and project files in the download section. I'm really not into tutorials for profit, its just to help give back to the community that helped me a lot when I was learning, and still continuous to help today. Mind you, I'm not the best at talking while working, but I thought it wasn't so bad as to not upload it (Like my first person animation tutorial). If you guys want more tutorials, just leave a comment on the video and I'll try to work it into my daily work routine. If you want to watch the tutorial, click me.If anyone is wondering about the Little Big PBR pack (I doubt anyone is lol!). I have been doing other things, but I plan on getting to that soon. I'll bring you some new shaders to work with as well. OK guys and gals, see you till the next time. Hopefully Society won't be looking out of this window for too much longer.

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Free Free Free!

Assets, Ancient Mini-Games, Project Overdose Map Files, and a Little Update on the "Little Big PBR Pack"

Posted by: Addison Olthuis 11/4/2016

If you are a game developer, especially a beginner you might be happy to know that I just uploaded a bunch of free assets, free to use for anything, one of them being a shader that allows you to blend up to 4 materials, with its height map, metallic, smoothness, and a normal with a splat map. Unity's terrain normally handles it for you, but I designed it for regular FBX models.

Still need to fix some bugs, and add ambient occlusion, emission and maybe some fancy stuff, but if you want it early it's in the download section.

I'm not sure if .Shaders work with Unity and Unreal, so If you happen to know feel free to leave a comment bellow.

Multiple Material Shader v0.1

If you've ever played Halo Custom Edition, that's basically where my career began, last week I uploaded all my old content for you guys to play. You will need a copy of Halo Custom Edition, if you don't have it, its a worth while game.

Halo Custom Edition Map Files

Well back to the assets, well kind of in the middle, because they are models I used for my old projects. They're about 10 years old or more, and some of the first models I've ever made, but some still look pretty damn good. If you are making a game that doesn't need really high detail, some might actually be pretty good for you.

Free Asset Packs

Last thing on the, Uhh. Free.. Freeway, is some Ancient Mini-Games. If you want to try out my first programs ever written, I also uploaded those to a section in the Download page. One game is a really shitty Pacman, the other is a Donkey Kong remake, and the best one there is like the original Super Mario, where you play as Kenny from south park. I included the code and project files as well, wasn't even made in Unity.

Ancient Mini-Games

Now that I'm done talking about free stuff, if you have checked out the Asset page already, you would have noticed it's said "Coming Soon" since the page has been there. I have now put that near the top of my to-do list, so about half the time I'll be working on pushing that out. Maybe after its done, we might get a store going for future assets, and games, but for now the Unity asset store is where its going to have to be. Adios!

Little Big PBR Pack

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A little Game Called Rust

Posted by: Addison Olthuis
For anyone who hasn't played the game Rust, you should go check it out. Its in early access, but the developers are doing a phenomenal job. You can buy it from steam for a decent price($22 cad). Gary Newman, who is the lead developer of Rust, in my opinion has really brought the survival genre to a new high. You are probably wondering why I am mentioning a game we will later be competing with. No I have had no contact with them, but I really owe them for getting me back into game development. Before I first played rust, lets just say my life took a huge turn in the wrong direction, I stopped working on my passion of game development, not knowing about Unity, and making my own engine was never in reach, or the fact that the computer I had at the time was definitely out dated, and wasn't able to handle high-ish quality content that I wanted to make. Then one day, I happened to see a video of Rust on Facebook, boom! Instantly I fell in love with it, and bought it instantly. A few months down the road, I noticed you could make textures for it, and the only thing you pretty much had to do was download Unity, and the Rust dev kit. I was missing creating content, coding, and all that jazz, so I thought "Hell why not, might scratch my itch a little bit." So now we are here, everything going nice and smoothly, and I really owe it all to Rust, without Rust I would have never of found out about Unity. So thank you Gary and everyone else at face punch. Luckily I was quickly able to grasp Unity's scripting very quickly due to past experience, and I was blown away with how quickly I could build my content, 3d models/textures/blah blah blah, and get it in-engine and playable. Compared to the old engines I used to use, Unity was a dream come true. Not only did Rust get me back into development, but it was also the first survival game I've played, other then Minecraft, but it really doesn't compare to Rust. So I also got a lot of motivation to start creating something similar to them. Now that raises the question of why create a game like Rust, and try to compete with an amazing game when the Little Rain team is so small. We'll the final goal, which I can't go into is actually quite a bit different from Rust, lets just say that Rust won't be able to scratch your itch for Society, and ours won't be able to scratch your itch for Rust. So that it why I am taking the time to mention Rust and Facepunch, without them I would never be making this game, and you would never be reading this. The least I could do, is give them credit where its due, and send a few of you to check them out while Society (Name subject to change) is still in development.
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