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Variation Pro-Tools is now available!

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We started to make Rust Skins for fun. Help us get them approved. Want a skin for your clan? We take requests.

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Dirty Dozen

Here is my first few skins, made them this after noon. With each of them being a slight variation from each other. I rarely get to play games any more, but when I used to play Rust frequently, me and a couple friends called ourselves "The Dirty Dozen." Now there wasn't actually a dozen of us, and we never grew that big, mostly because he had school, and I had to work. But I figured this fit well for my first Skin.

If you want to help them get approved, check em' out on the work shop. You just gotta click the pictures below. There is 3 different skins.

Also try viewing in Sketch Fab.

Rust Skins - Hoodie(Dirty Dozen) by LittleRainGames on Sketchfab

irty Dozen Armoured Front

Dirty Dozen Studded Front

Dirty Dozen Chainmail Front

Dirt Dozen Armoured Back

Dirty Dozen Studded Back

Dirt Dozen Chainmail Back