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Variation Pro-Tools is now available!

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Watch our follow up to this video here. It is a much more in-depth, and well made tutorial. It also is better at showing the kind of results you can achieve with this

In this tutorial we show you how to create character animations using a Kinect v2. The industry calls this Motion Capture, and the way we are going to show you, is the marker less way of doing things.

iPi Mocap Studio now supports the "Asus Xtion" and "Prime Sense Carmine" sensors. Links below.

We go over the pro's and con's of a couple different programs, also explain how to get better tracking. It was my second time using this software, so it really shows just how easy it is to use.

We use iPi (pronounced eye-pie) Motion Studio, injunction with 3ds max, and Unity. We used a single Kinect v2, but this software also allows you to use up to 6 PlayStation-eye's. Later on we will make an update video of different software, along with duel, or triple Kinects. Using a single Kinect does have its limitations.

Some say low-end motion capture is just not worth the effort for production, but for the cost of getting this setup up and going, versus the amount of time it would take to animate everything from scratch, there is a pretty straight forward answer that it IS worth it. Also we have to note, we did not do any cleanup before exporting into Unity, which would produce a much more solid result. We were trying to show you how quickly and easily it takes to make, if I was not doing a voice over, it would take just under 5 minutes per animation.

If you would like to try this for yourself.

Please consider using our amazon links to purchase your Kinect hardware, we have not put any content out for profit yet, and software is expensive! We have done our best to give you as many options for hardware as possible, along with the cheapest available. We have also added Xbox's that come with a Kinect, if you would like to get into developing for Xbox One. For those who don't know, since the summer of 2016, you can use ANY Xbox One for a Development Console. Using these links would be extremely helpful for us to keep making free content, and it doesn't cost you ANYTHING! Thank you for your consideration!

Links for Software and Hardware Below

- Links -

used In Video

-My recommendation-

- Supports Multiple Kinects - No Hand or Face Tracking - $15 a month subscription -

Kinect for Windows SDK - Required for all Software -

Other Software

Brekel Store - Requires Autodesk Motion Builder - Option for face and hand tracking software - Only supports one Kinect currently - One Time Buy -

Open Stage 2.4 by Organic Motion - Does not use Kinect, and could be expensive


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UK Links

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