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Variation Pro-Tools is now available!

Click here for more details.

In this short 40 minute tutorial, we go over the basics of creating a procedural material in Substance Designer.

If you don't have Substance designer, you can renting-to-own for only $20 a month. Its really worth the price.

This covers how to make a realistic tile material, and how to setup input parameters so that your material is truly and highly procedural. Also briefly shows you how to setup your metallic/smoothness, and albedo/smoothness(Unity Terrain) outputs for exporting the base textures into Unity.

The images below is the material we will be creating. If you just want to download the Material or project files, you can get them here.

If you would like to help support us, please consider using our Affiliate Links to purchase assets, and software. Go here to see what assets we use in our games. Our page dedicated to Allegorithmic Software is located here.

Allegorithmic offers a rent-to-own, for only $20 a month. That includes Substance Designer 5/6, and Substance Painter 1/2, plus you get 30 points a month to spend on the Substance Share website. So if you can't afford the $150 upfront, I advise you to go get it from them (We don't make any money).

Pro version only required if you make over $100,000 a year.